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What Do You Need to Do If Your Car Was Stolen In Malaysia?

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Throughout your car ownership, this might happen to you. If  your car is stolen, you need to inform the police first and then your insurance company the soonest possible. So how do you go about it and what are the documents required?

Once you have confirmed that your car was not towed away by your town council for illegal parking, file a police report at the nearest police station. Make sure you bring along your identification card (or passport if you are a foreigner), driving license, and car registration card.

After you have done that, inform your insurance company about the theft . Provide them the following documents:
(1) Copy of Updated Registration Card (Both sides);
(2) Original Certificate of Insurance;
(3) Copy of Insured I.C and Driving License;
(4) Original Police Report/Certified Copy; and
(5) Copy of Hire Purchase Agreement (if applicable)

Your insurance company will terminate the insurance policy with immediate effect. An adjuster, appointed by the insurance company, will meet up with you and to get all information regarding the theft of your car. You have to show the adjuster the location where your car was stolen.  

You have got to be patient. Your insurance company won't  pay you within the first 6 months while the investigation is under way. Even if it is going to pay you after it's confirmed that your car can't be found after 6 months, your compensation is going to be based on the current market rate or the sum insured, whichever is lower. So, make sure your car isn't under-insured or over-insured your car when you renew your insurance policy.

If you or the police has found your car, you have to file another police report to close the case. If there isn't any damage done to your car or you are going to fix your car without insurance claim, write a letter to your insurer saying that you are not going to make a claim against it. Also, get your insurer to reactivate the insurance policy.


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