Friday, May 29, 2015

A Hawker At A Market

All Malaysians (unless you are filthy rich) had bought some necessities at one of those so-called wet markets in Malaysia.

What made this hawker stood out among the crowds was his very old, private-registered and beat-up sub-compact, Proton Saga, that was used to carry his one-and-only type of goods he was selling - sandals.

He displayed the budget sandals on a plastic sheet right behind his car. He sold his goods illegally in a sense that he parked his car haphazardly beside the road and wasn't licensed to sell in this manner. Yes, he did an honest living; no doubt about it.

Any idea how old this iconic Malaysian "National Car" was? I  guess it was about 30 years old.

However, this hawker should take care of his car in the first place to avoid it ending up in this kind of sorry state. Just my two cents.

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