Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your Car Battery

When was the last time you inspected your car battery or wait till your car fail to start one fine day?

The battery shown below was in a 3.2L(A) diesel engine Mitsubishi Triton  belonged to a friend of mine. Those whitish, ashy deposits were the result of corrosion. When I opened the plastic cover on the right, I found more corrosion on the positive terminal than the negative one on the left.

Dirty battery

After I cleaned it, the difference was like day and night as shown below.

Opening the caps of the 6 cells revealed that the 3rd and 5th cells (from the negative terminal) needed to be topped up.

Next I checked the voltage of the battery using a multimeter like this one here:

The battery registered a voltage reading of 13V across the terminals which shows that it was still fully charged. You won't be able to start a car engine if the voltage falls below 12.6V.

The table below shows you the voltage vs. charge percentage of a car battery.

Taken from:

A new battery normally carries a one-year warranty from the manufacturer subject to terms and conditions. If you take care of your battery, it can last you for at least 2 years.

The longest life span of a car battery I owned exceeded 3 years since I took good care of it. If you don't bother to inspect your battery periodically, be prepared to buy a new one just slightly more than a year of usage.

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