Friday, May 29, 2015

An Old Man In A Mini-mart

I chatted with this humble 86-year-old Chinese man in a mini-mart recently. He came to this place very often with his Indonesian house maid but I never saw his wife so far. I guess he was a widower but I didn't ask him since that was the first time I struck up a conversation with him.

Despite his age, he looked healthy and still able to drive. I noticed he loved to drink chilled Nescafe while smoking a couple of sticks of Dunhill and sat on a stool next to an icebox looking at customers coming in or pedestrians walking by,

He has got 3 children and a whole bunch of grandchildren. He lived with one of his sons but his daughter-in-law didn't allow him to smoke in the house. That was one of the reasons he patronized this mini-mart so often since the owner gave him the privilege to smoke in the shop which was non-air-conditioned.

Maybe I should continue chatting with him if I happen to meet him again to know him better.

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