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Do You Want To Know How Clean Or Dirty Public Restrooms Are In Malaysia?

If you are interested in knowing the conditions of public restrooms in Malaysia, look no further. This is my firsthand account of some of those I had used over the years

Kuala Lumpur 

If you are interested in knowing the conditions of public restrooms in Malaysia, look no further. This is my firsthand account of some of those I had used before.

Kuala Lumpur

Bierhaus is a pub at a residential area called Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (abbreviated as T.T.D.I.). The restroom was clean mainly because there were only a few customers at that time. Do you really need a urinal and a flush toilet bowl to answer the call of nature? The toilet papers were not put in the dispenser.


This restroom, which was designed for handicapped persons, in a fast-food outlet was clean and spacious.

The photo below shows one of the uni-sex restrooms in a pub called Thai Club was dirty; the management cut cost by not providing toilet papers and the seat of the bowl was missing.

Customers threw trash on the floor since there was no trash can. Always remember to bring along your own toilet papers when you feel like quenching your thirst or eating there.
By the way, the name Thai Club is misleading since you can hardly find a Thai girl there. However I saw many Vietnamese women there either accompanying male customers for a fee or soliciting.

The restroom next to the reception area of Kuala Lumpur International Hotel is reasonably clean although the hotel was pretty much run-down. Again, do not be misled by the name. It is not even a 2-star hotel.

Same old story. This restroom in a coffee shop at Taman Melawati is filthy and wet. I had to stand on the elevated side of the floor to take this photo since the left side was flooded. Did you forget to bring some toilet papers with you again to do number two?

The two photos below show a restroom in a government general hospital. The water pipe was leaking and the maintenance staff tried to stop the leak by tying a piece of cloth round the pipe. Why couldn't they fix it properly? Sorry, no sign of toilet paper.

Belakong, Selangor

I found this coffee shop restroom at Belakong disgusting. I could not flush the toilet since the handle of the cistern was damaged. The tiles were stained as you can see.

Do you see the plastic pail on the floor? You are expected to use the water in the pail to flush the squatting toilet manually after you are done with your business. The trash basket was hung on a valve next to the cistern. Toilet paper? Forget it!

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The two photos below show the same restroom, which was quite shabby, of a mini-mart at a residential area called Taman Magah. Someone forgot to turn off the tap when I was there. I turn it off after I had done number one.

A lot of times you can judge a place by checking out its restroom like this one. Right! It's a restroom of a coffee shop. A urinal is the only thing you can find here. Dirty, to say the least.

This one wasn't that dirty but the toilet seat was damaged and toilet papers were not provided.


Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

What you see is what you get in this coffee shop restroom. Does it look familiar to you? It was filthy but you need to ease yourself in this place, what choice do you have?

 Shah Alam, Selangor

I went to view the latest models of Mazda in a big Mazda showroom at Glenmarie, Shah Alam. As usual I inspected one of the restrooms and found it to be very clean. I wish all the coffee shop restroom could be like this. But it remains a dream until now.

 Your Verdict?

I am a Malaysian and I feel ashamed to show you all these especially for tourists who visit my country.However, I have got to tell it like it is in order for those who intend to travel to this country to be psychologically prepaired.
So after you have explored the restrooms, what's your verdict as comparing to those in your country?

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