Monday, June 8, 2015

Texas Driving License, Texas Tech University ID, USA Social Security Card And My Mazda Cosmo

These are some of the documents I still keep since I graduated from Texas Tech University and left the States decades ago. I looked like a gangster in my T.T.U. and driving license photos. I can't complain since the photos were taken free of charge.

I sat for the driving test when I was a sophomore at Texas Tech University. The test consisted of 2 parts; the first was answering dozens of multiple-choice questions electronically and the second was an actual driving test conducted by a police officer using a Japanese sub-compact car I borrowed from my American host family.

I appreciate the help of Ava Berry who not only lent me the car but also accompanied me to the Department of Safety where I sat for the test. Soon after I got my driving license, I bought a used Japanese coupe called Mazda Cosmo that was powered by a twin-rotatory-engine mated with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Many of you haven't heard of Mazda Cosmo let alone seeing one. Here is the pic of me with my newly-found Japanese babe at a apartment in Lubbock, Texas.

The T.T.U. student ID and driving license were also used as valid identity cards in all places in the States such as opening a saving and checking bank accounts, issuing personal checks and entering bars or clubs if the bouncers wanted to check whether I was under-aged.

In order to work legally, on or off-campus, I applied for a Social Security Card. For off-campus jobs, work permits were required in addition to a Social Security number for F1 (foreign student) visa holders.

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