Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What Happened To This Abandoned Proton Savvy?

What Is Proton Savvy?

I know the name sounds weird. What has the word "savvy"to do with a car, right? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Malaysian-made cars, Proton Savvy is a 1.2L petrol-engine-powered subcompact partially designed and by Proton using Renault engine. You can read up the details here:

Abandoned Vehicles In Malaysia

If you,as a foreigner, stay in Malaysia long enough outside of the tourist belts, it's not hard to find abandoned motorbikes, cars or even trucks at some residential areas or near some workshops. Personally I didn't see even one in Singapore through my 8 years of living there.

In The Begining

I found this abandoned car in my neighborhood at least 10 months ago. Obviously it was involved in a rear-end collision and was parked in front of a workshop. However no car body repair was carried out since it was there.

10 Months Later

Recently I noticed someone had stolen all the alloy wheels leaving the car sitting on 4 bricks and many of the car parts were gone You can see it's in a sorry state as shown in the pic below.

Why Not Make A Police Report?

If you have ever made a police report in Malaysia, you will know how time consuming and frustrating it was. By right the city council should have towed this car away to a junk yard after failing to contact the owner over a period of time,

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