Thursday, June 25, 2015

Movida Restaurant & Bar

Are you a beer drinker who are looking for a watery hole to quench your thirst after a hard day's work in a new, cozy environment where beers are priced below their competitors in PJ? Look no further.

My friend, Paul, invited me to join him and two other acquaintances for some beer in this new watery hole recently. He said the beers there were cheaper than those in Merchant Pub, Armada Hotel. Let's check them out.



It's situated at this new commercial hub called Center Stage in Section 13, PJ. where you can find retail outlets, restaurants, pubs, hotel, and designer suits all under one roof.

Exterior View Of Movida 

This establishment, unlike many others, wasn't enclosed although it's air-conditioned. There ain't a resident band but I saw a DJ inside.

In Spanish, movida means party or social gathering.

Beer Prices At A Glance


It cost RM55++ for a tower of Carlsberg drought and RM100++ for two, i.e. RM7.25 (inclusive of GST and service charge) which I think is a steal.


RM 38++ for a bucket of Carlsberg (5 bottles) and two buckets for RM 70++ which works out to be RM8.12 per bottle (including service charge & GST).


If you think of bringing your female companions to drink here and want to save some money if they prefer drinking Margarita or Blue Lagoon , go there on Tuesdays after 8 pm. Why? Ladies nights, that's why.

Foreign Employees

Just like many service outlets you patronize nowadays, employers are forced to "import" foreign workers since many locals have shunned front-line jobs like this. Movida had employed 20 or so Bangladeshi and Filipino workers at this establishment.

With The Exception Of


These two cashiers as pictured and a manager are Malaysians. I chatted with this cashier (on the right) for quite a while to get to know her better. It was her second day on the job. To be honest, I liked her.

Will I Come Back Again?

You bet. If you can find a watery hole as cozy and beers priced  cheaper than this one, please let me know, okay?

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