Sunday, June 7, 2015

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane - A Hand-Written Personal Letter From A Sweet Girl

Do you still get hand-written mails nowadays? I bet you don't. Hand-written letters were almost non-existent in many countries since emails, IMs, Facebook etc are so commonly used today.

One of the hand-written personal letters I received was sometime in mid June, 1987 and it was sent to me by a former Texas Tech University college mate of mine after she returned to Hong Kong upon her graduation. I was hunting for my first job in Singapore at that time.

I remember seeing her in Hong Kong at a hotel where I stayed for a stop-over flight to Kuala Lumpur from Lubbock, Texas. She was petite, feminine and well-manner and I would say she was wife material as well.

Let me show you the front view of the envelope.

And here is the rear view of it.

I don't know whether she sealed it with a kiss since she never used lipstick. Okay, I know you are probably excited at reading the content. Right?

Here you go (in Chinese except the last paragraph); if you don't know Chinese, it's never too late for you to learn.

It ain't a love letter since we were just friends. Anyway I cross out her name and her address to hide her identity. 

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