Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sarong Woman

Recently the Road Transport Department of Malaysia yielded to an outcry aroused due to a security guard who abused his power and acted like a religious policeman insisting a Chinese Malaysian woman to wear a sarong when she was in the process of transferring the ownership of her car at one of the offices. The Deputy Director apologized and subsequently transferred the guard to another section according to a newspaper report.

Who Was The Sarong Woman?

Her name is Suzanne Tan, She uploaded images of her on her Facebook post earlier but was later removed.

Credit: The Star Malaysia

What's wrong with her clothes? Well, based on the conservative dressing codes, her pink skirt was too short; a few of inches above her knees and hence it's considered as indecent exposure. See that?

I don't know about you but this kind of indecent exposure certainly won't arouse my sexual desire at all.

Then, how about if she were to dress in a long sarong like this?

Credit: Alibaba

Nope, that won't conform to the dress codes either although I would love my girl to put on this sexy and fashionable peacock sarong.

The Dress Codes Of The Public Transport Department For Visitors

So what are the codes? In English, the codes stipulate that:

Visitors must dress in clean, tidy clothes that conform to the practice of the Malaysian society.

Wear appropriate dress shirts, T-shirts with collars, shoes, long pants, long skirts that extend below the knees especially when dealing with the departments on official businesses in the premise.

Visitors are prohibited from wearing indecently and too revealingly such as: skirt's hem that is above the knee level or short pants; sleeveless shirts; tight pants or skirts; and sandals.

Visitors are advised to follow the dressing rules in the Public Transport Department, Visitors who violate the rules will not be allowed to enter.

Credit: Public Transport Department of Malaysia

To be on the safe side, I would advice women who deal with the department to wear burqa like what the Taliban women do; something like this:


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