Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Has Islam Got To Do With Sport?

Farah Ann Hadi

Farah Ann Hadi, a Malaysian gymnast who did Malaysia proud by winning 4 medals (2 gold, one silver and one bronze) at the ongoing Singapore 25th SEA games was in the limelight two days ago on social media.

Source: Malay Mail
It wasn't just about her achievement but also about some Malay Malaysians giving her a piece of their mind. According to those moralists, she had committed a "sin" in Islam by exposing her awrat (intimate parts of a body in Arabic) wearing  standard approved leotards in the competitions.

Will Malaysia Become A Taliban State?

One of the persons who came forward to defend her was the daughter of the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia (Mahathir Mohamed), and social-political activist, Marina Mahathir.

In replying to the question two days ago at a panel discussion at the Cooler Lumpur Festival, she said: “No, I don’t think we’ll be a Taliban state yet. We’ll be a stupid state first.”

Where Do I stand On This Issue?

If I were you, Farah, I would have asked those morons to go and fuck themselves.



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