Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How Many High School Classmates/Schoolmates Do You Still Remember Or Keep In Touch With?

My life back in the high school days was full of good memories. There were many classmates or schoolmates whom I could get along with but since high school graduation, our lives subsequently followed separate paths. Over the years, many of us had lost touch with each other since we didn't have cell phones, internet and Facebook during that period of our time.

I still keep all photos of them either in a group or a solo shot. Here are some of the retro pics in black and white they gave me before we had completed our last year of study in Tsun Jin High School. Holy cow, do you notice that all of them looked so serious?


Everyone of them wrote a message in Chinese on the back of their pics as follows:

Some of them wished me a bright future and happiness while others advised me not to rest on my laurels; don't judge a person by his appearance; make diligent choices; watch and listen more so that I won't be lost and fooled; to be silent is the best rebuttal of not being able to endure.

Unfortunately, one of them in the pic died in his mid-twenties in a tragic accident at a construction site and the other died of cancer in his late forties.

Life is short. Treasure your friends.

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