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What A City Dude Like Me Doing In A Small Town Like This In Pahang, Malaysia?


Most of you, even Malaysians, have never heard of a small town called Lanchang, let alone been there. Lanchang is a sleepy small town located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It's about 109 km from Petaling Jaya and accessible via the tolled East Coast Expressway. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes depending on traffic condition.

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What The Heck Was I Doing There?

I didn't go there for holidays, for sure. As a matter of fact, Lanchang was never my holiday destination unless I choose the life style of a hermit.

I drove a friend there many times about 2 year ago as he was trying to sell some fertilizers to a fruit/vegetable farmer and also help him to apply for more farmland to expand his business.The farm is actually some 8 to 10 km away from the town. You need to go through a stretch of narrow and winding road (4 to 5 km) before it leads to a non-paved and dusty road for the remaining of the trip to the destination.

Bukit Tinggi

We stopped for late breakfast at this coffee shop. This was my friend's favorite "pit stop" whenever we went to Lanchang.

For those of you from the first-world countries, don't be surprised when you see the restroom of this coffee shop. You need to squat to shit. Not only that; you have to bring your own tissue papers or wash your ass with the water only, okay?

Rest Area

On our way to Lanchang in one of the trips, we stopped at a rest area to smoke and to stretch our legs. I saw a whole bunch of wild monkeys on a slope looking for food.

A Very Old Tailor Shop

There ain't such a run-down tailor shop in Kuala Lumpur anymore but I found one here before reaching the town center along the main road. I thought I was going through the time tunnel turning back the clock by half a century.

I saw 3 sewing machines arranged very closely to each other in a row. 2 of those machines were antique; operated by a foot paddle and the center one was electrically operated.

A Workshop In Bad Shape

Next to the tailor shop was a workshop in this shabby building. It was closed for business on that day or forever; I didn't know.

Meaningful Life Quotes

While taking our budget lunch at a food stall close to this building, I saw these life quotes, in simple Chinese.

Do you want to know what do they mean in English? Here you go:

It doesn't matter whether you have lots of money or little, as long as you have enough to eat.

It doesn't matter whether you are attractive or ugly, as long as you don't look disagreeable..

It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, as long as you are healthy.

It doesn't matter whether your family is poor or rich, as long as you live together amicably.

It doesn't matter your husband coming home late, as long as he returns.

It doesn't matter your wife being long-winded, as long as she cares about your family.

Teach your children to be a good person when they are still young.

It doesn't matter whether your house is huge or small, as long as it's habitable.

It doesn't matter whether your clothes are branded, as long as you can wear them.

It doesn't matter whether you own a 2-wheel or 4-wheel vehicle, as long as you can ride or drive it.

It doesn't matter whether your employer is bad, as long as you can tolerate him.

It doesn't matter having all the problems, as long as they can be solved.

It's better to let go than to hold on to something.

It's good enough if  we lead a peaceful and safe life.

It doesn't mean you will definitely lead a good life if you have money.

Your fate will be good if you have done good deeds and are kind-hearted.

It doesn't matter who is right or wrong. as long as God knows.

Take it easy on lots of things.

Every day will be good if everyone is doing fine. 

If you and I are doing fine, this will be a better world.

In short, think not on what you lack as much as on what you have.

I have said so much but being able to walk the talk is the best.

The Farm

I left my car near the junction of the road leading to my final destination and we continued our trip in a 2x4 twin-cab Toyota pickup truck driven by a farmer.

Finally we reached the fruit farm.

This was the farmers' house and they were extending it.

Their Myanmar workers were not just farming assistants but also good at basic building construction.

The farmers, who were bothers, kept 2 dogs by the names of Bobby (white dog) and Black Woman (black dog). They greeted their master when his truck pulled over. The dogs were barking at me as if I was an enemy. Maybe I was their enemies in my past life; how the heck do I know?

They finally crawled under the truck when their master assured them that I ain't an enemy but just a friendly city dude visiting.

There were lots of lime trees at their farm. During my last visit, some other visitors, whom  my friend invited, were there as well.

The elder brother showed them his fruits of his labor and answered all the questions the visitors threw at him in great details; and he could talk for hours, non-stop. Unbelievable. That showed how knowledgeable and passionate he was about what he did for an honest living although his methods of farming was self-taught.

I thought of filming a documentary on his farming and upload it to YouTube.

Besides limes, he planted other fruits also, such as mango.

Bobby liked company and followed us wherever we went.

Water supply

 They got their water supply to irrigate the farm from this pond.


I have no idea how often he put up a night here, but if he did, he would sleep on this bed.


My Friend bought some vegetables at this fruit/vegetable stall at Bukit Tinggi on our way back to Petaling Jaya. Those fruits and vegetables were fresh and cheap. Worth buying.



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